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Terms and Conditions

  • By hiring SPONGE-MOB CLEANING SERVICES LLC. to perform any work, you agree to be bound to these terms and conditions. If this is not your wish, we recommend that you not use our services.
  • By submitting an email with the required fields filled out, we will ensure that we will respond to any inquiries within 24 hours of said email.
  • Our employees have been vetted and are background checked and drug tested before working with us. Rest assured that when we let our team members in your home or place of business, we uphold the sanctity of the space. We can work in teams of 2 – 4 or even a single person. We are incredibly accommodating, personable, and adaptive to many situations and people.
  • We try to schedule our cleanings in an order that requires the least transportation time to maintain our lower costs. We will try to accommodate your request if you request a specific time. We will try our best to fit your cleaning during our 6 am – 12 am business hours.
  • Any keys afforded to SPONGE-MOB CLEANING SERVICE LLC. by our clients will be color-coded and locked in a storage cabinet. Access to these keys will only be available to designated Managers. In a situation where a key is left in an unsecured location such as a doormat, or if you choose to leave the door unlocked for our technicians to gain access to your home, SPONGE-MOB CLEANING SERVICES LLC. will not be held liable for any damages or theft to any of our client’s homes or places of business.
  • Pricing is based upon the presumption that our Cleaning Technicians will be focusing all their time on the actual task that entails cleaning. We ask that you please take a few minutes to ensure all areas are easily accessible by our technicians. If you would like our cleaners to complete these organizational tasks for you, notify us during the service agreement signing; otherwise, we will have to update the invoice or cancel services if an area is unreasonably cluttered.
  • If concerns about safety or inappropriate situations, including severe clutter, separate utilities, or weapons on-premises, we can deny or discontinue services. You will be charged a 50 percent cancellation fee when we arrive at your place of service. The residence must match the description of what was paid for on the invoice. Any additional services will require an updated invoice.
  • These services are available as an add on.
  • Although we are able and willing to work around our clients’ pets, we do ask that indoor activity is limited for safety and cleaning efficiency reasons. If the animal becomes a threat, SPONGE-MOB CLEANING SERVICES LLC. has the right to remove its workers from the place of service. We also inform our clients that animal behavior varies dependent upon the presence of family members or their absence. Our cancellation policy will apply if we cannot enter or must remove our technicians because of a threatening animal.
  • Our prices have been carefully cultivated and reflect the level of service we provide and overhead costs associated with bringing you that service; to ensure that the price reflects that of the agreed-upon service agreement, the place of service will need to be in the agreed-upon condition. This means that when SPONGE-MOB CLEANING SERVICES LLC. Conducts a walk-through, be it by virtual means or in person; the place of service should reflect the agreed-upon condition. If it is not, when we come, extra cleaning tasks, extreme clutter, etc., we will adjust the service price after trying to reach you to discuss changes. If we cannot get you, our crew will have to leave, and you will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • We will do our best to care for all items or surfaces in your space carefully. If we cause some damage or break any one of your properties, we carry insurance to mitigate. We are not liable for damage caused by normal wear and tears or improper installation of an item in your space, Artwork, collectibles, or any other family heirlooms not disclosed during the booking process. Clients should point out anything worth special attention before cleaning commences. *Please notify us within 24 hours of any service to make any claims on damages. SPONGE-MOB CLEANING SERVICES LLC. Is not responsible for any damages reported outside of this window*
  • For any of the following conditions Bio-Hazards cleaning, Mold Removal, Hoarding, etc., we will charge a premium. Please let us know beforehand if we will encounter any of these conditions. If our cleaning technicians encounter any of these conditions and are not prepared for it, we will have to cancel the service, and you will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • We provide all equipment and products during your service, and if you require us to, we will use green cleaning products only. If you would like us to use any specific equipment of products, please let us know before we start our service. If you need us to use cleaning supplies or equipment afforded by you, please note that we will not be responsible for associated damage caused by these products.
  • Services are to be paid for in full before cleaners start. For ongoing service agreements, flexibility is applied to payment options and must be agreed upon by both parties. Acceptable forms of payment include Cash, Personal Check, Business Check, Credit/Debit Card, or mobile payment options such as Paypal, Zelle or CashApp. You will be instructed to book online and pay at checkout or we will provide an invoice. We can mail a copy to the address on file if you would like a physical invoice.
  • We do not offer refunds, but if one of our technicians misses something, you can email or call us within 24 hours. We will rectify the error without charge while providing a customer satisfaction discount on your next service.
  • Service reliability is something we pride ourselves on, so when we reserve a time for a scheduled service, it is essential that if rescheduling is needed, you give us a minimum of 24 hours of notification in advance. You will be charged our 50 percent cancellation fee if it falls under that time limit.
  • If we are unable to perform booked service, we will let you know at least 24 hrs in advance. You will receive a full refund.
  • If the area is equipped with a security system in the event, it would be beneficial to ensure that it is in its off position or that our office is afforded the code and proper directions for use.
  • As our customer, we ask that you agree not to solicit for hire any of our cleaning employees to work directly for you. Our professional cleaners are background checked; their references are verified & have completed comprehensive cleaning training.
  • Please refer to our website for more information about our company and the specificities of our services.
Sponge - Membership Information
  • Sponge-Membership requires a 90-day commitment with at least 2 cleaning sessions booked per week under each membership account. A minimum of 2 hours is required per cleaning session.
  • You are allowed to have up to 5 other household on the account. Cancellations of memberships results in you being charged the initial cleaning rate of all households that we performed services on, at least one time, on your account.
  • For our Bronze tier, you are eligible for all services that we include in a standard/deep cleaning. If you would require additional services that are not included, let us know and we will accommodate you in a reasonable manner.
  • For our Silver and Gold tiers, you are eligible for everything from our Bronze tier with the addition of one bag of laundry/linen per visit and one or two Special services per month, respectively. Carpet, Steam, and upholstery Cleaning. Power-washing, and Electrostatic Disinfection. Special services will be performed separately from your at least two per week cleaning session. Ex: Monday: 2 hour cleaning, Friday: 2 hour cleaning. Tue,Wed,Thurs,Sat,Sun: Special Services.
  • For our Platinum tier, you are eligible for everything from all previous tiers, plus the addition of an assorted gift bag of cleaning and aromatherapy supplies, plus exclusive right to book same day priority service. Provided that you book by 8 am, we can guarantee service for that day.
  • Sponge-Membership fees will be due monthly. Your hourly rate will accrue and be withdrawn from your card on file bi-weekly.


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